The Blame Game




I’m sure you’ve read the news at some point lately, or watched one of the three major news outlets. If you’ve chosen your political party, you probably only watch certain ones and don’t look at the “oppositions” news. In any case, I’m sure that whatever news outlet you watch, you’ve seen lately the game they are playing. It’s almost like a dog owner pointing and the dog looking in full trust. But there are two owners and three dogs and they keep pointing at the dogs on either side hoping the dog in the middle bites one of outer dogs noses off. Perhaps that’s not the best metaphor but it’s the best I can describe how easily the public is moved by news outlets and government officials and their biased opinions.

The Democrats blame the Republicans for shutting down the government and being unable to see reason. Oddly the Republicans blame the Democrats for the same reasons. The specifics may be slightly different, sure, but the overall complaint is the same, “They are being unreasonable and cannot compromise with OUR reasonable plan / proposal / idea / bill etc…” . The most aggravating thing I can see in this odd process of finger-pointing and foot stomping is that the dog in the middle ( that’s us ) goes along with it. If you watch MSNBC or FOX news for example, you tend to avoid the other because ” they are biased and don’t tell the TRUTH to their viewership. “. You allow yourself to be led by one single view, and then only associate with those of that same view damning any other view that does not agree. None of us truly step back and look at the whole of the situation, we love taking sides and playing the blame game right along with them.

Sadly this prevents any true progress in our society, not because we have differing opinions but because we adhere to them so tightly that we are unable to reach a middle ground of agreement. We blame the government for the shutdown, but when you ask people they blame one party over another. In all honesty, its the whole of the government that is responsible, not just one particular party and their ideals. The polarization, the constant “them vs. us” mentality is what stops the entire process from functioning in any way. They point the finger, and we follow suit destroying any potential discussion towards an actual agreement.

So as you search the internet today and see the many articles, blogs, comments and even meme’s that say, “Blame political party X for the shutdown”, please remember that both sides are to blame. I’m reminded of an old saying which sums up how I feel, “It takes two to tango”. I find this is true, but when one dancing partner has two left feet, and the other two right feet and they have ear buds in playing different music….well its no longer a dance but a contest to see who can give the other the most stubbed toes.


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